Sherlock Holmes: The Baker street Irregulars

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Sherlock Holmes is missing, and the streets of London are awash with crime. Who will save the day? The Baker Street Irregulars a gang of street kids hired by Sherlock himself to help solve cases. Now they must band together to prove not only that Sherlock is not dead but also to find the mayor's missing daughter, untangle a murder mystery from their own past, and face the masked criminal mastermind behind it all a bandit who just may be the brilliant evil Moriarty, the man who killed Sherlock himself! Can a group of orphans, pickpockets, inventors and artists rescue the people of London? The game is afoot!

PublisherDramatic Publishing Co.
CategoryFull Length Play
AuthorEric Noble
Music Byn/a
Duration80 mins
Adapted Byn/a
Based OnTony Lee and Dan Boultwood
Extras10 either
Performed Bymiidle school high school college community
Performed Forfamiy all ages
Royalty PlayDramatic Publishing Co.
Sale Price$18.95 (excl. GST and postage)
Our reference78393

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