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Brainstorm: The Original Playscript Script Full Length Play Modern Contemporary 10th September
The Truth Script Full Length Play Comedy 10th September
A Bench in the Shade Script Full Length Play Romantic Comedy 5th September
Something Fishy Script Full Length Play Political Farce 5th September
Love and Perfect Harmony Script Full Length Play Comedy Play With Music 5th September
Love at Last Script Full Length Play Farcical Comedy 29th August
Love on the Beach Script Full Length Play Farcical Comedy 29th August
Stay With Me Awhile Script Full Length Play Drama 28th August
Love and Mistletoe Script Full Length Play Farcical Comedy 21st August
The Verdict Script Full Length Play Drama 11 21st August
Blame It On The Ball Script Full Length Play Drama 20th August
The Twits: A Set of Plays Script Full Length Play  14th August
Boudica Script Full Length Play Historic Drama 8th August
Hannah and the Dread Gazebo Script Musical Pantomine or Score Dramatic Comedy 18th July
The Cat's Script Full Length Play  17th July
Sideways Script Full Length Play Comedy 17th July
Four Old Broads Script Full Length Play Comedy 17th July
Still Alice Script Full Length Play  17th July
How To Survive an Apocalypse Script Full Length Play Romantic Comedy 17th July
Contemporary Australian Monologues for Men Volume Full Length Play Monologues 16th July
Contemporary Australian Monologues for Women Volume Full Length Play Monologues 16th July
Daughters Volume Full Length Play  10th July
Carmilla Script Mixed 1 Act Drama 28th June
Jump For Jordan Script Full Length Play Drama 10 28th June
Kill Climate deniers Script Full Length Play Drama 28th June
The Hanging Script Full Length Play Drama 28th June
Trailer Script Full Length Play Drama 28th June
Good Cook. friendly. Clean. Script Full Length Play Drama 28th June
Intersection 2018: Chrysalis Volume Full Length Play collection short plays 28th June
Persona Manuscript Full Length Play Drama 26th June
What Could Go Wrong The Night Before Christmas Script Mixed 1 Act Christmas 20th June
Murder, actually Script Mixed 1 Act Comedy 10 20th June
Reared Script Full Length Play Dark Comedy 20th June
Coconut Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 20th June
Teddy Script Full Length Play Play with Music 20th June
Stitchers Script Full Length Play Drama 20th June
MAMETZ Script Full Length Play War Drama 20th June
After Electra Script Full Length Play Dark Comedy 20th June
Peter Script Full Length Play Drama 20th June
Blonde Poison Script Full Length Play Drama 20th June