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The Nether Script Full Length Play Drama 18th August
$38,000 For A Friendly Face Script Full Length Play Comedy 17th August
The (Almost) Totally True Story of Hansel and Geetel Script Full Length Play Comedy Fairytale 17th August
The Curious Case of Watson Intelligence Script Full Length Play Drama 17th August
And They Dance Real Slow in Jackson Script Full Length Play Drama 10th August
The B*easts Script Female 1 Act Monologue Drama 9th August
Half Breed Script Female 1 Act Monologue Drama 9th August
The Three Musketeers Script Full Length Play Drama 8th August
Regeneration Script Full Length Play Drama War 1st August
Beyond The Pole Script Novelty/Games Drama 1st August
Vietgone Script Full Length Play Comedy 25th July
Fade Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 25th July
The Harvest Script Full Length Play Drama 25th July
Peerless Script Full Length Play Dark Comedy 25th July
The Tomb of King Tot Script Full Length Play Dark Comedy 25th July
Kingdom Come Script Full Length Play Comedy 25th July
The Stepmother Script Full Length Play Drama 19th July
Penny Black Script Full Length Play Play With Music 18th July
Rosalind Script Mixed 1 Act Drama 17th July
Burn and Rosalind Volume Full Length Play Drama 17th July
Significant Other Manuscript Full Length Play Comedy 7th July
Bad Jews Script Full Length Play Comedy 7th July
Men in Suits : 3 Plays About The Mafia Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 12 6th July
Sleighed To Death Script Full Length Play Comedy Thriller Christmas 4th July
And Then There Was Nun Script Full Length Play Comedy 4th July
Love, Lies & The Doctor's Dilemma Script Full Length Play Comedy 15th June
Fall Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 15th June
Tomorrow in the Battle Script Full Length Play Drama 15th June
The Princess Who Lost Her Hair Script Mixed 1 Act Drama 31st May
Sherlock Holmes: The Baker street Irregulars Script Full Length Play Drama 31st May
When January Feels Like Summer Script Full Length Play Comedy Dramah 31st May
Detective Partner Hero Villian Script Full Length Play Comedy Drama Tragedy 31st May
The Opponent Script Full Length Play Drama Tagedy 31st May
Nocturnal Script Full Length Play Drama 31st May
Jane of the Jungle small cast version Libretto Musical Pantomine or Score Comedy 31st May
3C Script Full Length Play Political Satire 29th May
Fences Script Full Length Play Drama 29th May
20,000 Leagues Unwer The Sea Script Full Length Play Drama 29th May
Joan the Girl of Arc Libretto Full Length Play Drama 29th May
Wonderland: Alice's Rock and Roll Adventure Libretto Musical Pantomine or Score Fantasy 29th May
The Man She Was Script Full Length Play Drama, play with music 23rd May
Dubailand Script Full Length Play Drama 23rd May
Made in India Script Full Length Play Drama 23rd May
Flemming - An American Thriller Script Full Length Play Dark Comedy 23rd May
Peter Pan A Musical Adventure Libretto Musical Pantomine or Score Fairytale 23rd May