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The Cat's Script Full Length Play  17th July
Sideways Script Full Length Play Comedy 17th July
Four Old Broads Script Full Length Play Comedy 17th July
Still Alice Script Full Length Play  17th July
How To Survive an Apocalypse Script Full Length Play Romantic Comedy 17th July
Contemporary Australian Monologues for Men Volume Full Length Play Monologues 16th July
Contemporary Australian Monologues for Women Volume Full Length Play Monologues 16th July
Daughters Volume Full Length Play  10th July
Carmilla Script Mixed 1 Act Drama 28th June
Jump For Jordan Script Full Length Play Drama 10 28th June
Kill Climate deniers Script Full Length Play Drama 28th June
The Hanging Script Full Length Play Drama 28th June
Trailer Script Full Length Play Drama 28th June
Good Cook. friendly. Clean. Script Full Length Play Drama 28th June
Intersection 2018: Chrysalis Volume Full Length Play collection short plays 28th June
Blame it on The Ball Script Mixed 1 Act Drama 27th June
Persona Manuscript Full Length Play Drama 26th June
What Could Go Wrong The Night Before Christmas Script Mixed 1 Act Christmas 20th June
Murder, actually Script Mixed 1 Act Comedy 10 20th June
Reared Script Full Length Play Dark Comedy 20th June
Coconut Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 20th June
Teddy Script Full Length Play Play with Music 20th June
Stitchers Script Full Length Play Drama 20th June
MAMETZ Script Full Length Play War Drama 20th June
After Electra Script Full Length Play Dark Comedy 20th June
Peter Script Full Length Play Drama 20th June
Blonde Poison Script Full Length Play Drama 20th June
All Rights Reserved Script Mixed 1 Act Comedy 14th June
The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe touring Script Mixed 1 Act Fairytale 14th June
Reunion Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 14th June
Dead and Buried Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 14th June
Nigel Slater's Toast Script Full Length Play Drama 14th June
The Red Lion Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 14th June
Shebeen Script Full Length Play Drama 14th June
The Pass Script Full Length Play  14th June
3Women Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 14th June
Lorca Three Tragedies Volume Full Length Play 3 Tragedies 31st May
Broken Biscuits Script Full Length Play  17th May
Is There A Comic In The House Script Full Length Play Comedy 17th May
A Cavalier For Milady Part of Volume Female 1 Act  16th May
Kirche, Kuche, Kinder Part of Volume Female 1 Act  16th May
The One Exception Part of Volume Female 1 Act  16th May
The Day On Which A Man Dies Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act  16th May
The Pronoun I Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act  16th May
The Remarkable Rooming House of MME.Le Monde Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act  16th May
The Parade or Approaching The End Of Summer Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act  16th May
Sunburst Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act  16th May
Will Mr. Merriwether Return From Memphis Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act  11 16th May
The Travelling Companion & Other Plays Volume Mixed 1 Act Drama 16th May
A Little Princess Script Full Length Play Play With Music 16th May
The Chalky White Substance Part of Volume Male 1 Act  15th May
Split Script Mixed 1 Act Comedy Drama 7th May
Stop. rewind. Script Full Length Play Comedy 6th May
So Here We Are Song Book Full Length Play  3rd May
Growth Script Full Length Play Drama Comedy 3rd May
Mosquitoes Script Full Length Play Drama 19th April