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Mother Christmas Script Full Length Play Christmas Comedy Drama 12th December
Outings Volume Mixed 1 Act Monologues 11th December
The Act Volume Male 1 Act Monologue 11th December
Twitstorm Script Full Length Play Comedy 5th December
Mary Page Marlowe Script Full Length Play Drama 11 30th November
The Roommate Script Full Length Play Dark Comedy 30th November
Premeditated Misadventure Script Mixed 1 Act Light Thriller 24th November
Pitcairn Script Full Length Play Drama 13th November
Revolt.She Said. Revolt Again Script Full Length Play Satire/Political Satire 10th November
Pluto Script Full Length Play Drama 10th November
Among The Dead Script Full Length Play Dark Comedy 10th November
Homos, or Everyone in America Script Full Length Play Drama 10th November
Bunny Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 10th November
Summerland Script Full Length Play Drama 10th November
Nat Turner in Jerusalem Script Full Length Play Drama 8th November
To Die For Script Full Length Play Comedy Mystery Thriller 8th November
Driving Script Mixed 1 Act Dramatic Comedy 7th November
Three Days in the Country Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 10 7th November
Pride and Prejudice Script Full Length Play Drama 10 7th November
The Clean House Script Full Length Play Comedy 7th November
Lone Star Spirits Script Full Length Play Comedy 7th November
Spoon Lake Blues Script Full Length Play Comedy 7th November
Cry It Out Script Full Length Play Comedy 7th November
Eventide Script Full Length Play Drama 7th November
While We're Here Script Full Length Play Drama 7th November
The Complete History of Theatre (abridged) Script Full Length Play Comedy / Farce 7th November
Buckshot Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 7th November
Ruby : The Story of Ruby Bridges Libretto Musical Pantomine or Score Drama 11 11 7th November
Valley Song Script Full Length Play Drama 30th October
Little Sweet Thing Script Full Length Play Drama 20th October
Pigs and Dogs Script Mixed 1 Act  19th October
Life of Riley Script Full Length Play Drama 19th October
Echo's End Script Full Length Play Drama 19th October
The Importance of Being Earnest (student Edition ) Script Full Length Play Drama Classic 19th October