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The Lady Pirates .of. Captain Bree Libretto Musical Pantomine or Score Musical 10 11 22nd March
The Granny Project Script Full Length Play Resource 20th March
The Best American Short Plays Volume Full Length Play Collection 20th March
Drop Dead Script Full Length Play Comedy 15th March
Arabain Nights RSC Script Full Length Play Drama 14th March
Pride and Prejudice Script Full Length Play Drama 10 13th March
Sherwood The Adventures of Robin Hood Script Full Length Play Comedy 13th March
For Peter Pan on her 70thy Birthday Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 13th March
The Cake Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 13th March
Buckets Script Full Length Play  8th March
The Cherry Orchard Script Full Length Play Drama 7th March
The Elephant's Graveyard ( Full Length Version ) Script Full Length Play Drama 10 2nd March
I Bring You Flowers Script Mixed 1 Act Drama 28th February
Porcelain Script Full Length Play Drama 28th February
The Revlon Girl Script Full Length Play Drama 28th February
Ken Ludwigs Treasure Island Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 28th February
Bad Dates Script Full Length Play Comedy Monologue 28th February
The Gift Shop Script Female 1 Act  23rd February
The Scenebook of Values and Virtues - Acting With Character Technical Technical Book Drama Teaching 23rd February
Dead Man's Cell Phone Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 21st February
Vinegar Tom Script Full Length Play  15th February
Hidden in this Picture Volume Mixed 1 Act Comedy 14th February
The Spider Script Full Length Play Mystery Thriller 21 14th February
Quest For Don Quixote Script Full Length Play Comedy 9th February
The Pretenders Script Full Length Play Drama 9th February
Distance Score Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 9th February
The Gravedigger's Lullaby Script Full Length Play Drama 9th February
My Mother #*!
%#! College Life 
Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy Satire 9th February
A Thai Tale Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 9th February
Green Eyes , or No Sight Would Be Worth Seeing Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act Drama 7th February
Our Town ( 2013 version) Script Full Length Play Drama 17 7th February
KickAss Plays For Women Volume Full Length Play Drama Anthology 5th February
Blood Wedding Script Musical Pantomine or Score Drama Classic 31st January
How To Transcend a Happy Marriage Script Full Length Play Comedy 29th January
Wakey, Wakey Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 29th January
A Bunch of Amateurs Script Full Length Play Comedy 23rd January
Bouncing Back Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 10 23rd January
The Mother and The Father Script Full Length Play Drama 18th January
Going Postal Script Full Length Play  14 14 17th January