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Little Sweet Thing Script Full Length Play Drama 20th October
Pigs and Dogs Script Mixed 1 Act  19th October
Life of Riley Script Full Length Play Drama 19th October
Echo's End Script Full Length Play Drama 19th October
Escaped Alone Script Full Length Play Drama 19th October
The Importance of Being Earnest (student Edition ) Script Full Length Play Drama Classic 19th October
Four Weddings and a Elvis Script Full Length Play Comedy 13th October
Angry Young Women in Low-Rise Jeans with High-Class Issues Script Full Length Play Comedy 13th October
You ( full Length ) Script Full Length Play Drama 13th October
The Caucasian Chalk Circle Script Full Length Play  9th October
Mom's Gift Script Full Length Play Romantic Comedy 6th October
Mama's Boy Script Full Length Play Drama 6th October
The Moors Script Full Length Play Black Comedy 6th October
The Seat Of Justice Script Full Length Play Drama 12 6th October
The Charitable Sisterhood Christmas Spectacular Script Full Length Play Comedy Christmas 6th October
No Room for a Picture on the Blank Wall Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 6th October
The last Oz Story Libretto Musical Pantomine or Score Comedy Storybook 6th October
Folk Script Full Length Play Drama 5th October
Confessions of a Dirty Blonde Script Full Length Play Comedy 5th October
Towards Zero Script Full Length Play Murder Mystery 4th October
Towards Zero ( Outdoors ) Script Full Length Play Murder Mystery 4th October
Dara Script Full Length Play Drama 4th October
Dracula: The Bloody Truth Script Full Length Play Comedy 28th September
Ben Hur Script Full Length Play Comedy 21st September
Final Dress Rehearsal Script Female 1 Act Comedy 13 19th September
Aesop's Falables Score Musical Pantomine or Score Fairytale 19th September
Michael Swordfish Script Male 1 Act Drama 18th September
Boy's Life & Search and Destroy Volume Full Length Play Drama 18th September
Boy's Life Part of Volume Full Length Play  18th September
Search and Destroy Part of Volume Full Length Play Drama 12 18th September
Ruben Guthrie Script Full Length Play Drama 18th September
Out Of The Ordinary Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 18th September
Influence Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 18th September
Operator Script Full Length Play  18th September
Influence / Operator Volume Full Length Play Drama 18th September
Skate Script Full Length Play Drama 18th September
Inheritance Score Full Length Play Drama 18th September
House on Fire Script Full Length Play Comedy 18th September
Antigone & Cryrano De Bergerac Volume Full Length Play Drama 18th September
Things I Know To Be True Script Full Length Play  18th September
Eight Gigabytes of Hardcore Pornography Script Full Length Play Comedy 7th September
The Penitent Script Full Length Play Drama 6th September
China Doll Script Full Length Play Dark Comedy 6th September
The Anarchist Script Full Length Play Drama 6th September
Stop!..... The Play Script Full Length Play Comedy 5th September
Call Me Anna Script Mixed 1 Act Drama 1st September
The King Who Took Sunshine Script Full Length Play Comedy 1st September
The Doctor in Wonderland Script Full Length Play Black Comedy 1st September
Project Murder - The Elimination Challenge or Murder on the Runway Script Full Length Play Comedy Mystery Spoof 1st September
Eating Rhode Island Script Mixed 1 Act Comedy / Satire 31st August
The Book Club Play Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 31st August
The Displaced Hindu Gods Trilogy Volume Full Length Play Comedy 31st August
The Crazy Cowgirls of Pemberley Ranch Script Full Length Play Comedy 31st August
Salvation Road Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 31st August
The Return of Edwin Drood Script Full Length Play Drama 31st August
Dear Albert Einstein Libretto Musical Pantomine or Score Comedy 31st August
The Daly News ( Three Actor Version ) unknown Musical Pantomine or Score Musical Drama 31st August
The Ferryman Script Full Length Play Drama 13 29th August
The World's Strongest Librarian Script Full Length Play Comedy Drama 29th August
Augusta and Noble Script Full Length Play Drama 29th August
Crush Libretto Full Length Play Comedy Drama 10 29th August
Girl From The North Country Script Full Length Play Play With Music 23rd August
The Nether Script Full Length Play Drama 18th August
$38,000 For A Friendly Face Script Full Length Play Comedy 17th August
The (Almost) Totally True Story of Hansel and Geetel Script Full Length Play Comedy Fairytale 17th August
The Curious Case of Watson Intelligence Script Full Length Play Drama 17th August
And They Dance Real Slow in Jackson Script Full Length Play Drama 10th August
The B*easts Script Female 1 Act Monologue Drama 9th August
Half Breed Script Female 1 Act Monologue Drama 9th August
The Three Musketeers Script Full Length Play Drama 8th August
Regeneration Script Full Length Play Drama War 1st August
Beyond The Pole Script Novelty/Games Drama 1st August
Vietgone Script Full Length Play Comedy 25th July
Fade Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 25th July
The Harvest Script Full Length Play Drama 25th July
Peerless Script Full Length Play Dark Comedy 25th July
The Tomb of King Tot Script Full Length Play Dark Comedy 25th July
Kingdom Come Script Full Length Play Comedy 25th July