A Respectable Wedding

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A provocative short play about the life of the petit bourgeois society. A Respectable Wedding is a grotesque story and a farce, where everything is pilled, broken and destroyed: relationships, furniture and the characters. However, this decline comes in the middle of a wedding dinner. A serious celebration, gradually changes into an evening full of accidents, provocations, gossip, shameful and lively entertainment. In this way the decadent moral of the respectable society with good manners is revealed.

PublisherMethuen Publishing Ltd
CategoryMixed 1 Act
AuthorBertolt Brecht
Music Byn/a
Adapted ByJean Benedetti
Based Onn/a
Period Set In1920
Royalty PlaySamuel French Ltd.
Sale Price$42.95 (excl. GST and postage)
Our reference56077

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