Never Say Never

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Gladys and Ruby are sitting at the Bar in a pub; other actors from the schenna are hanging around as pub patrons. They have finished their 12-hour shift at an aircraft factory in North London, the Blitz is over. They are sitting at the bar of the local having a beer. The actors have a cockney accent. Despite the war and their troubles they are in good humor. Their husbands are fighting Rommel s army in Libya.

When Ruby Moves in with Gladys a new side to the war is revealed. NEVER SAY NEVER?

CategoryMixed 1 Act
AuthorAntonia Joanne Pearce
Music Byn/a
Duration20 minutes
Adapted Byn/a
Based Onn/a
Royalty PlayPlay Bureau Ltd.
Sale Price$19.50 (excl. GST and postage)
Our reference56112

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