The House

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The Redmonds have an unusual relationship with their dream home. With the kids now raised, it s finally time to move on. They don t, though, want to just sell the place. They want to entrust it to its next owners, so that the new people can have the same great life there as they ve had.

So the Redmonds have specially selected the buyers, the Libetts. After the official sale, both couples gather in the house for celebratory cocktails and a ceremonial handover of keys. But their party starts turning increasingly awkward, then spins further and further out of control.

PublisherJosef Weinburger Ltd
CategoryFull Length Play
AuthorBrian Parks
ISBN 9780856763786
Music Byn/a
Adapted Byn/a
Based Onn/a
Royalty PlayJosef Weinburger Ltd.
Sale Price$29.95 (excl. GST and postage)
Our reference78901

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