February 2022

28th February 2022

The year has started with a hiss and a roar and Covid. I feel that we will have a bumpy ride again and then start to even out and get back to theatre with less restrictions.

Please remember if you are ordering scripts that the overseas post is still very affected by the lack of planes coming into the country, so leave plenty of time, it often takes a couple of months rather than weeks.

Follow the government guidelines and stay safe out there.

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December 2021

23rd December 2021

The Play Bureau will be closing for the holiday season on December 17th and reopening on January 10th. The PO Box will be cleared occasionally, and emails will be answered occasionally.

Here at Play Bureau we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. We look forward to working with you in 2022.

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October 2021

4th November 2021

I keep hoping for better news, but we just have to box on when and where we can. Our thoughts are with Auckland and Waikato at the present as restrictions are so frustration. To the rest working around being in level 2, well done it has required some creative shuffling in performance spaces but The Show Must Go On! - when it can be performed safely.

Remember ‘The Mousetrap’ by Agatha Christie, rights are available for next year, still time to book your slot.

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