May 2021

20th May 2021

Hello Everyone - some exciting new plays released in this newsletter.

And ‘The Mousetrap’ is available to License once again and celebrates 70 years next year!

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February 2021

28th February 2021

Welcome to 2021

I hope everyone had a great break and is rearing to go in 2021 Covid willing! Lots of great plays booked as we all press on with bated breath.  Well done everyone for last year, a real challenge and an organisational nightmare to keep up to date with the constant changes. If you still have a postponed booking from last year, and decide not to carry on, please let us know as we need to cancel further up the line.

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December 2020

16th December 2020

Here at Play Bureau, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. We look forward to working with you in 2021.

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