July 2017

2nd August 2017

The year is getting away on us and it won’t be long until you are auditioning for your end of year production. Scary as that thought may be, at least we will be heading into warmer weather.

In this issue:

·       What’s New

·       Christmas Themed Plays

·       NZ Theatre Month 2018

·       What’s on around the country

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May 2017

22nd May 2017

Some early notice for next year - time to start planning.

September 2018 will be NZ Theatre Month. We want as many theatres around the country to put on a NZ work any time during that month.

And to go with it, exhibitions, displays, talks, open days, discussions.

Almost every other arts genre has had its month or week or day. Now it’s theatre’s turn.

This months newsletter has more information.

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February 2017

26th March 2017

Welcome to the new year.

This newsletter, in addition to what is new and what is happening around NZ, has some important reminders about correct 'billing & credit' requirements that the publishers require for all advertising an marketing.

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