Supervillians Anonymous

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The city s supervillains have long been obsessed with defeating unbeatable superhero Wonder Man. That s why they re all now at the Supervillains Anonymous support group meeting, ready to give up their evil ways. When Danger Girl, a fiery and determined would-be supervillain looking for a mentor, barges in on the session, the villains use a series of silly flashbacks recounting their last humiliating, yet hilarious, defeats at the hands of Wonder Man. The meeting is interrupted by the surprise appearance of Wonder Man and his sidekick, Star Kid! Can Danger Girl inspire the supervillains to take up their evil ways once again?

Elementary and middle school actors will delight in the silliness of this short and simple play that requires no set and invites endless creativity with supervillain costuming. Everyone gets their moment to shine in this ensemble cast where everyone gets plenty of stage time but no one has too many lines.

PublisherPioneer Drama Service
CategoryMixed 1 Act
ThemeChildren's Theatre
Music Byn/a
Duration25 Min
Adapted Byn/a
Based Onn/a
No Of Acts1
SetMeeting Room
Performed ByYouth
Performed ForAny
Royalty PlayPioneer Drama
Sale Price$12.00 (excl. GST and postage)
Our reference56165

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