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Copyright protection

All the titles in this web site are fully protected by the Copyright Act and all rights, including Stage, Motion Picture, Radio, Television and Public Readings are strictly reserved. Furthermore, no part of these works may be lawfully copied or reproduced by any means without prior permission.

Public performances

No public performance, reading or excerpts of a protected play may be given without the prior consent of the owner of the copyright. As New Zealand agents for the copyright owners we issue licenses for non-professional performances within New Zealand on payment of a royalty productions fee. Licenses for productions outside New Zealand should be obtained from the agent covering the relevant country.

Charity performances

Because the performance is being staged for charitable purposes, this does not in any way exempt the producer of the obligation to pay royalties for a production. Every performance reduces the potential audience and therefore the earning capacity of the play and the cause of charity does not excuse infringement of the author's rights.

Prior consent

Not all the plays and musicals are released for performance and it is important that the consent of the copyright owner or agent, be obtained and the required royalty fee paid and the license issued before any performance of a play is given. A willingness to pay the fee and obtain the license after the event does not render those organising - and those taking part in - the play, any less liable for infringement of the copyright law. To avoid disappointment, written permission should always be obtained before a society commits to a production.

Video recordings

The copyright laws governing video recording are extremely complex and it should not be assumed that any play may be video recorded for whatever purpose without first obtaining permission from the appropriate agents.