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Continuum of Care By Deborah Ann Percy and Arnold Johnston.
Retirees Louise, a former middle-school principal, and Albert, a former university professor, cope with the growing challenges of aging and the well-meaning efforts of their daughter Eleanor, an attorney, to have them move out of their home and opt for residence in an assisted living community. 2M 2F

Stuck in the Middle With You By Deborah Ann Percy and Arnold Johnston.
Sheltering in place at their home in a small city, John and Allie contend with the difficulties serious and comic of isolation caused by a dangerous virus, as well as facing intimations of their own mortality and middle-class privilege. 1M 1F

Steering Into the Skid By Deborah Ann Percy and Arnold Johnston.
In 12 short scenes from New Year s Day to New Year s Eve, Amanda and Tim, both in their 60s, face the changes wrought by advancing age and the gradual realization of Tim s advancing dementia, forcing each character to adjust to new demands on their imperfect but loving marriage.1M 1F

Recalculating By Deborah Ann Percy and Arnold Johnston.
Financially strained art dealers Libby and Beth take an automobile ride across a big city to a rendezvous during which they appear engaged in the illegal sale of stolen fossils. Their trip is comically punctuated by the unctuous female voice of the GPS unit on the dashboard, which begins to make cryptic remarks that seem less concerned with geography and more with the course of Libby and Beth's lives, ultimately leading them to make a significant decision. 2M 5W

Hogmanay By Deborah Ann Percy and Arnold Johnston.
As Ben and Molly prepare to celebrate Scottish New Year alone in their Oak Park home, an ice storm causes an automobile accident outside, and Molly and Ben end up as impromptu hosts to the accident victim Wallace, their next-door neighbor Sharon, their daughter Lizzy, and Wallace s daughter Amy. Both the older and younger characters are forced to face the issues brought on by aging, which they muddle through with humor. Despite thei

PublisherDramatic Publishing Co.
CategoryMixed 1 Act
ThemeCollection of Plays
AuthorDeborah Ann Percy & Arnold Johnston
Music Byn/a
Adapted Byn/a
Based Onn/a
Royalty PlayDramatic Publishing Co.
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