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Cast: Flexible cast of 21-39, optional extras

Set: Exterior Candy Kingdom set

Time: About 40 minutes

Super-flexible casting and cast size, with lots of opportunities for extras or doubling
Simple "Candy Kingdom" set consisting of just a painted flat or even a digital background
Delightful sugar-frosted and candy-coated costumes

Fun, flavorful, and colorful characters including a melodrama villain!

Candy Kingdom is where all the discarded candy goes to be loved and stay fresh forever. But the Candy Apple family finds themselves in a sticky situation too much taffy to be allowed in Fruitopia, but too much fruit to be on the approved candy list for Candy Kingdom. They must undertake a perilous journey across the land to petition King and Queen Candybar to allow them to stay. Along the way, they encounter helpful candy friends and uncover a villainous plot by Baron Von Licorice to seize control of Candy Kingdom. Can the baron s coup be foiled? Will the Candy Apple family find a place they can call home?


PublisherPioneer Drama Service
CategoryMixed 1 Act
ThemeChildren's Theatre
AuthorBrian Cox
Music Byn/a
Duration40 Min
Adapted Byn/a
Based Onn/a
Royalty PlayPioneer Drama
Sale Price$16.00 (excl. GST and postage)
Our reference56172

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