Caught in the Web

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Phone-obsessed teens Sarah and Derek have heard their parents cautionary nagging before. One of these days you re gonna get sucked up into that phone! And then one day... it happened!
The two teens find themselves trapped in the internet and on a wild adventure through the World Wide Web! Memes, viral videos, games, email, dating sites, and social media come alive onstage, including Fruit Ninja, The Dress, Distracted Boyfriend and Jealous Girlfriend, Harambe, and many more. And of course, it wouldn t be the internet without lots of cats and a dancing baby!
With an extremely clever tip of the hat to The Wizard of Oz, Twitter, Miserable Cat, and Sirilexa team up with Derek and Sarah to find The Google, who can help them in their search for a way home. But The Google informs them of some bad news: their parents are also caught in the web and need saving! Now Derek and Sarah must brave the darker parts of the internet with identity thieves, trolls, knockoff sellers, and other shady characters such as the Nigerian Prince running scams.
With a hugely flexible cast, there s a role (or five!) for everyone and tons of room for imagination and creativity!

PublisherPioneer Drama Service
CategoryFull Length Play
AuthorBrian D. Taylor
Music Byn/a
Duration80 minutes
Adapted Byn/a
Based Onn/a
Royalty PlayPioneer Drama
Sale Price$19.50 (excl. GST and postage)
Our reference78800

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