The Rule of Thumb

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This triple bill of one act murder mysteries combines: The Wasp's Nest which sees Hercule Poirot come between a bitter triangle of lovers to prevent a sinister murder before it takes place; The Rats, a dark and chilling tale in which a pair of adulterous lovers find themselves lured to a flat, trapped like rats and framed for murder; and finally, The Patient, a tense thriller in which a woman has been hospitalised after seemingly falling from her balcony.

PublisherSamuel French Ltd.
CategoryFull Length Play
ThemeMurder Mystery
AuthorAgatha Christie
ISBN 9780573031045
Music Byn/a
Duration120 mins
Adapted Byn/a
Based Onn/a
Royalty PlaySamuel French Ltd.
Sale Price$32.95 (excl. GST and postage)
Our reference78812

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