The Guardsman (Monte)

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A beautiful actress has married her handsome leading man, and their best friend is a critic. A recipe for marital bliss for denizens of the theatre world until a dashing guardsman enters the scene and starts sending the actress roses.

It is an anguished farce that inspired the work of Pirandello and Pinter. Even as it poses disturbing questions about identity, voyeurism, reality, perception, the masks we wear, and the pain of love, it elicits gales of laughter.
Its outer comedic shell delights us even as its inner core unsettles our equilibrium with its unanswerable provocations.

PublisherJosef Weinburger Ltd
CategoryFull Length Play
AuthorBonnie J Monte & Ferenc Molnar
ISBN 9780856763762
Music Byn/a
Adapted ByTranslated Gabor Lukin
Based Onn/a
Set2 sets
Royalty PlayJosef Weinburger Ltd.
Sale Price$29.95 (excl. GST and postage)
Our reference78823

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