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Caledonia by Alistair Beaton -is a story of greed, euphoria and mass delusion. It is the story of a small, poor country mistaking itself for a place that is both big and rich. It is an ancient story for modern times.
Bullet Catch by Rob Drummond - The high-risk Bullet Catch has claimed many lives since its conception in 1613. Modern-day marvel William Wonder presents a theatre show with magic, mindreading, levitation and, if you dare stay, the most notorious stunt of them all. A unique theatrical experience exploring the world of magic, featuring mind-reading, levitation, and the most notorious finale in show business.
The Artist man and the Mother woman by Morna Pearson. Geoffrey Buncher is an art teacher. Until now his only meaningful relationship has been with his mother, Edie, who doesn't want her 'wee man growing up too fast'. But when one day he reads in the newspaper that he's working in amongst the top ten sexiest professions, he decides to advertise in the local papers for a wife
Narrative by Anthony Neilson- The show comprises a large number of small-scale storylines which kind of intersect but kind of don't. Two actors share a flat; one suddenly gets cast in the lead of a massive Hollywood blockbuster, Elastic Man, to the envious horror of his friend; but his success is tainted by anxiety - someone has been sending him anonymously photographs of an arsehole
Rantin by Kieran Hurley - A retired American steps off the plane at Prestwick, hoping to discover the land of his fathers.
A beleaguered politician in Edinburgh dips her feet into a hot bath.
An old drunk man in Peterhead has a mystical vision at the harbour.
A supermarket checkout girl in Port Glasgow approaches work with a baseball bat...
Part living-room gathering, part play, part gig session, Rantin draws on storytelling, live music and an unapologetically haphazard take on Scottish folk tradition, in an attempt to stitch together fragmented stories to reveal a botched patchwork of a nation.

PublisherMethuen Publishing Ltd
CategoryFull Length Play
ThemeScottish Drama
AuthorVarious & Edited Trish Reid
Music Byn/a
Adapted Byn/a
Based Onn/a
Royalty Playn/a
Sale Price$52.95 (excl. GST and postage)
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