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Lady Laura Welsford has recently lost her husband Sir Henry Welsford in a car accident. The
precise cause of the accident is not clear, but seems to relate to Henry s involvement with boxing.
Henry had been knighted several years earlier for his community work in promoting the sport of
boxing and helping local youth.

His marriage to Laura has not been going well for several years, and Laura suspects Henry of
infidelity. This suspicion is supported by information from Henry s chauffeur Oliver, who assumes
that Henry has been regularly visiting call-girls. Laura is attracted to Oliver and persuades him to
stay on as chauffeur, delivery man, and gigolo.

Oliver, however, is ambitious and wants to set up on his own by opening a nightclub, and hopes
that Laura will fund this venture. When she refuses, he dreams up a plan to get the money from
her by devious means. With the assistance of a boxer from the gym, Danny, who poses as an
ABA board representative, Oliver announces to Laura and the nosey neighbours Mary and
Geoffrey, that he has changed his plans and will now try to open a boxing academy in Henry s
name. Although this initially goes down very well, it transpires that, unknown to Oliver, Danny is in
cahoots with Laura, and has been supplying her with cannabis for her local baking business,
making laced chocolate brownies for some of the local residents, and which Oliver innocently
delivers. Laura and Danny are both aware of Oliver s plans to syphon off money for his own uses
and secretly conspire to foil Oliver s plans. This involves Danny being in control of the half a
million pound bank account which they set up to supposedly get Oliver s plan going.
When Laura reads in the horoscope section of her local newspaper details that relate a little bit
too closely to her illegal business activities, she tries, unsuccessfully, to speak with the astrologer,
called Lisa. However, when she reads a follow-up edition, which contains even more worrying
predictions, predictions related to Oliver and his aspirations

PublisherThe Play Bureau
CategoryFull Length Play
ThemeNZ Comedy
AuthorDavid Moore & Jean Weiss
Music Byn/a
Adapted Byn/a
Based Onn/a
Period Set InPresent Day
SetLarge Country House
Performed ByAdults
Performed ForAny
NationalityNew Zealand
Royalty PlayPlay Bureau Ltd.
Sale Price$12.00 (excl. GST and postage)
Our reference79257

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