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Fury Script Full Length Play Drama 23rd November
Abigail Script Full Length Play Drama 23rd November
Snatches: Moments From 100 Years of Women's Lives Volume Full Length Play Monologues 23rd November
Firebird Script Full Length Play Drama 23rd November
Superheroes Script Full Length Play Drama 23rd November
Little Girls Alone in the Woods Script Full Length Play Drama 23rd November
The Turquoise Elephant Script Full Length Play Dark Comedy 23rd November
CUSP Script Full Length Play Drama 23rd November
This Was Urgent Yesterday Script Full Length Play Drama 11 23rd November
Miss Holmes Script Full Length Play Drama 27th October
Tiny Beautiful Things Script Full Length Play  19th October
Puffs (Two Act for Young Wizards ) Script Full Length Play  15th October
King Lear Script Full Length Play shakespeare 17 7th October
Birthdays Past, Birthday's Present Script Full Length Play Farce 6th October
A Christmas Carol Script Full Length Play Drama 11 24th September
A Christmas Carol (RSC stage version) Script Full Length Play Drama 18 12 24th September
Christmas Carol: A Fairy Tale Script Full Length Play Drama Christmas 24th September
Mother of the Maid Script Full Length Play Drama 22nd September
Be here Now Script Full Length Play Romantic Comedy 22nd September
The Gun Show Script Full Length Play  22nd September
Lost Girl Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 22nd September
Bernhardt/Hamlet Script Full Length Play Drama 22nd September
Way of The World Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 22nd September
The Nest Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 22nd September
Downstairs Script Full Length Play Mystery/Thriller 22nd September
Trans Scripts, Pt 1: The Woman Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 22nd September
The Confession Of Lily Dare Script Full Length Play Dark Comedy 22nd September
Plot Points of Our Sexual Development Script Full Length Play Drama 22nd September
The Hatmaker's Wife Script Full Length Play Romantic Comedy  22nd September
The Three Musketeers Script Full Length Play Comedy 21st September
Too Many Feet Script Female 1 Act Comedy 17th September
Kodachrome Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 11th September
Mercy Script Full Length Play Drama 11th September
Grand Concourse Script Full Length Play Drama 11th September
George Washington's Teeth Script Full Length Play Farce  11th September
Lewiston/Clarkston Script Full Length Play Drama 11th September
Do You Feel Anger Script Full Length Play Dark Comedy 11th September
Clarkston Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 11th September
The Revolving Cycles Truly And Steadily Roll'd Script Full Length Play Drama 1st September
The Oregon Trail Script Full Length Play  1st September
Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses Script Full Length Play Farce 1st September
American Son Script Full Length Play Drama 1st September
Tiny Houses Script Full Length Play Romantic Comedy 31st August
Queen Script Full Length Play Drama 31st August
Yoga Play Script Full Length Play Comedy 31st August
Alabaster Script Full Length Play Romantic Comedy 31st August
Heroes of the Fourth Turning Script Full Length Play Drama 31st August
Blackberry Winter Script Full Length Play Drama 31st August
The Thrush and The Woodpecker Script Full Length Play Drama 31st August
Tin Cat Shoes Script Full Length Play Dark Comedy 31st August
Monson Season Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 31st August