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Play House Script Mixed 1 Act Drama 16th May
Lotus Beauty Script Full Length Play Drama 12th May
Celebrated Virgins Script Full Length Play Drama 2nd May
House of Ife Script Full Length Play Drama 29th April
Red Ellen Script Full Length Play Drama 29th April
Raging: Three Plays/Seven Years of Warfare in Ireland Volume Full Length Play Drama 29th April
Box Script Mixed 1 Act  27th April
Boat Script Mixed 1 Act  27th April
A Christmas Carol Script Full Length Play Christmas Comedy 27th April
Jealousy Script Mixed 1 Act Dramedy 28th March
A Bunch of Amateurs Manuscript Full Length Play Comedy 28th March
Cyrano de Bergerac Script Full Length Play Comedy 21st March
A Few Good Men Script Full Length Play Drama 14 15th March
A Christmas Story, The Musical Score Musical Pantomine or Score  14th March