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Middle Script Full Length Play Drama David Eldridge20th May
This Might Not Be It Script Full Length Play Drama Sophia Chetin-Leuner20th May
The Invincibles Script Full Length Play Sports Drama Amanda Whittington20th May
Moriarty: A New Sherlock Holmes Adventure Script Full Length Play Comedy Ken Ludwig9th May
Leopoldstadt Script Full Length Play Drama Tom Stoppard15 14 9th May
Holy Mother of Bingo E-Script Mixed 1 Act Comedy Patrick Walsh11 7th May
The Old Fart Plays Volume Mixed 1 Act Collection of Plays Deborah Ann Percy5th May
The Mysterious Disappearance Script Full Length Play Drama Kirt Shineman5th May
Beauty and the Beast Script Full Length Play Children's Classic Max Bush5th May
A Very Expensive Poison Script Full Length Play Political Drama Lucy Prebble2nd May
The Mirror Crack'd Script Full Length Play Murder Mystery Agatha Christie2nd May
Twelve Hangry Jurors E-Script Mixed 1 Act Spoof Steven Hayet28th April
The Ghost Train (Revised) Script Full Length Play Comic Thriller Arthur Ridley28th April
Supervillians Anonymous E-Script Mixed 1 Act Children's Theatre MICHAEL BAUER21st April
Modest Script Musical Comic Drama Ellen Brammar16th April
Graduation Nation E-Script Mixed 1 Act Teen Comedy Jon Jory15th April
Chicken Script Full Length Play Political Satire Eva O'Connor15th April
Accidental Death of an Anarchist Script Full Length Play Absurdist Comedy Dario Fo / Tom Basden15th April
Backstairs Billy Script Full Length Play Comedy Marcelo Dos Santos15th April
The Glad Game Script Full Length Play One Woman Show Phoebe Frances Brown28th March
Underdog: The Other Other Bronte Script Full Length Play Drama Sarah Gordon28th March
Kill Thy Neighbour Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy Lucie Lovatt28th March
It Happened on Route 66 E-Script Mixed 1 Act Comedy Toll Wallinger27th March
What Happened After Once Upon a Time E-Script Mixed 1 Act Fairytale Alexi Alfieri27th March
Stone Dragon Stew E-Script Mixed 1 Act Children's Theatre Brian Cox27th March
Folk Tails E-Script Mixed 1 Act Childern's Theatre Lisa L. Abbott27th March
Poe: Dreams of Madness E-Script Full Length Play Classic Drama Allyssa Hynes27th March
Small Jokes About Monsters Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy Steven Strafford21st March
Afterlife: A Ghost Story Script Full Length Play Ghost Story Steve Yockey5th March