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Harm Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 9th June
The Merthyr Stigmatist Script Full Length Play Drama 9th June
For the Grace of You Go I Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 9th June
Raya Script Full Length Play Drama 9th June
Mt Son's A Queer, ( But What Can You Do?) Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 9th June
Bach & Sons Script Full Length Play drama 9th June
The Saviour Script Full Length Play Drama 9th June
Crossings Script Full Length Play Drama 9th June
Learning Your Lines Technical Technical Book Compact Guide 9th June
A proper Little Nooryeff Technical Technical Book Technical 9th June
Discovering The Clown Technical Technical Book Clowning 28th May
Spider's Web Script Full Length Play Thriller 24th May
Skungpoomery Script Full Length Play Romp 19th May
People Like Us Libretto Musical Pantomine or Score Musical GLBT 19th May
A German Life Script Female 1 Act  14th May
Under Milk Wood Score Musical Pantomine or Score  14th May
Robin Hood and the Babes In the Wood Score Musical Pantomine or Score  13th May
The Cats Of Ponsonby Score Musical Pantomine or Score  13th May
Olde Tyme Dancing and The Whizzer Score Musical Pantomine or Score  13th May
Gloria Script Full Length Play  12th May
Cassino Technical Technical Book Novel 12th May
Casino Technical Technical Book Novel 12th May
The War of the Worlds Script Mixed 1 Act Drama 11th May
Cadillac Crew Script Full Length Play Drama 11th May
When We Wake Up Dead Script Full Length Play Drama 11th May
Mud Row Script Full Length Play Drama 11th May
Jack Was Kind Script Full Length Play  11th May
The False Creeds Script Full Length Play Drama 11th May
The Woman From The Town Script Full Length Play Drama 11th May
Murder On Board Script Mixed 1 Act murder mystery 7th May
In Love and Warcraft Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 7th May
Di and Viv and Rose Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 7th May
Plays From Vault Five Volume Full Length Play Volume 7th May
Caterpillar Script Full Length Play Drama 7th May
The Last Quiz Night on Earth Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 7th May
The Last of the Pelican Daughters Script Full Length Play Comedy 7th May
The Hoes Script Full Length Play Comedy 7th May
Queers : Eight Monologues Script Full Length Play Monologues 7th May
the jungle book Score Musical Pantomine or Score  7th May
'Allo 'Allo Score Musical Pantomine or Score  7th May
Chaos Script Full Length Play  6th May
15 Heroines : 15 Monologues adapted from Ovid Volume Full Length Play Drama 15 6th May
Stuff Script Full Length Play Drama 6th May
Reasons You Should(n't) Love Me Script Full Length Play  28th April
Zameen Script Full Length Play Drama 27th April
What's Lost Script Full Length Play  23rd April
Swive (Elizabeth) Script Full Length Play Historical Drama 23rd April
Nora: A Doll's House Script Full Length Play Drama 23rd April
Vespertilio Script Full Length Play Drama 14th April
Little Wars Script Full Length Play  12th April
Inside/Outside Volume Full Length Play Drama 12th April
Huck & Holden Script Full Length Play Comedy 12th April
Reader Script Full Length Play Mystery Thriller 12th April
Mirror of the Most Value ( A MS.Marvel Spotlight Play) Script Full Length Play Adventure 12th April
Squirrel Girl Goes To College ( marvel Spotlight Play) Script Full Length Play Adventure 12th April
Hammered : A thor and Loki play ( Marvel Spotlight ) Script Full Length Play Adventure 12th April
Monky Business CD/DVD CD or DVD Accompaniment CD 6th April
A Tale of Two Spectators Script Mixed 1 Act Comedy 29th March
Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Christmas Goose Script Full Length Play Comedy 28th March
One Stoplight Town ( One Act Version) Script Mixed 1 Act Dramatic Comedy 24th March
Lift Every Voice Script Mixed 1 Act Drama 24th March
Christmas Virtually Script Full Length Play On line Zoom 24th March
A Virtual Whodunnit Script Full Length Play Virtual Comedy Drama 24th March
One Stoplight Town Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 24th March
Around The World in 80 Days ( 90 minute version) Script Full Length Play Comedy 24th March
The Wacky Horror Cyber Show Script Full Length Play Comedy 24th March
Hundred Words For Snow Script Full Length Play Drama 23rd March
Alice in Wonderland Script Full Length Play Fairytale 23rd March
Three Melodramas Score Mixed 1 Act  22nd March
David Williamson Collected Plays Volume IV Volume Full Length Play  22nd March
Sherlock Holmes and the Clockwork Prince Score Full Length Play  20th March
Under milkwood Score Full Length Play  20th March
Tickle Score Musical Pantomine or Score  20th March
The Canterbury Tales Score Musical Pantomine or Score  16th March
The Hostage Score Musical Pantomine or Score  15th March
The Madwoman of Challot Score Musical Pantomine or Score La Belle Mazur 15th March
The Good Woman of Setzuan ( good Person) Score Musical Pantomine or Score  15th March
Good Woman of szechwan ( Person) Score Musical Pantomine or Score  15th March