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The Swearing Jar Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 5th August
Wanderlust Script Full Length Play Drama 4th August
Shewolves Script Full Length Play Adventure 4th August
The Unfriend Script Full Length Play Drama 4th August
Holy Sh!t Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 4th August
Santa's Midwinter Dream Manuscript Full Length Play Fairytale 2nd August
Over 50 and Still Flatting Script Full Length Play Dramtic Comedy 1st August
Jane Austen's Lady Susan Script Mixed 1 Act comedy 18th July
Beacons Script Full Length Play Drama 18th July
A Pretty Shitty Love Script Full Length Play Drama 18th July
City Melodies Script Full Length Play Drama 18th July
Safe House Script Full Length Play Drama 18th July
Mary, Mother Of God, Intercede For Us Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act  12th July
Candy Heart Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act  12th July
Girls In The Boat Script Mixed 1 Act  12th July
Casserole Script Full Length Play  12th July
Medea ( headlong Version) Script Full Length Play Drama 8th July
Bad Machine Script Mixed 1 Act  6th July
Fast Food Script Mixed 1 Act  6th July
Slap. Bang. Kiss. Script Mixed 1 Act  6th July
The Stars Go Down Script Full Length Play Drama 2nd July
Fluffy and the Goldrush Script Full Length Play Childrens Tale 2nd July
Thorapan Script Full Length Play Fairytale 2nd July
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Script Mixed 1 Act Drama 27th June
Girlplay Script Full Length Play Drama 21st June
The Sweet Science of Bruising Script Full Length Play Drama 9th June
Theresa Rebeck Complete Plays Volume 3 Volume Full Length Play  9th June
The Jungle Book the musical CD/DVD Musical Pantomine or Score Backing Track 8th June
The Actress Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act  3rd June
The Train To Brooklyn Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act  3rd June
Walk Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act  3rd June
How We get To Where We Are Going Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act  3rd June
Crusade Script Full Length Play  27th May
Prima Facie Script Full Length Play Drama 23rd May
The Jungle Book the Musical Libretto Musical Pantomine or Score Children's Book 23rd May
Play House Script Mixed 1 Act Drama 16th May
Lotus Beauty Script Full Length Play Drama 12th May