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My Husbands Nuts Script Full Length Play Comedy 17th July
Dear Lupin Script Full Length Play Drama 12th July
Second Skin Script Female 1 Act Drama 11th July
The Boy Who Cried Werewolf Script Mixed 1 Act comedy 11th July
Door To Door Script Mixed 1 Act comedy / drama 11th July
Dear Chuck Script Mixed 1 Act drama 11th July
The Complete History of Theatre (abridged) Script Mixed 1 Act Comedy /Farce 11th July
Some Explicit Polaroids Script Full Length Play Dark Comedy 11th July
Wicked is as Wicked Does Script Full Length Play Comedy 12 11th July
Death of a Hot Sauce Salesman Script Full Length Play Murder/Mystery 11th July
Ever In The Glades Script Full Length Play Comedy Drama 11th July
The Gulf Part of Volume Female 1 Act Drama 10th July
Clean Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act Drama 10th July
Stuck Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act Drama 10th July
murder in the air Script Full Length Play dinner theatre 25th June
Lux in Tenebris Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act  16 20th June
Dancing Gold Script Full Length Play Drama 20th June
And Then There Were None Script Full Length Play Murder Mystery 18th June
And Then There Were None Script Full Length Play Murder Mystery 18th June
Steel Magnolias Script Full Length Play Drama 15th June
Fin & Euba Part of Volume Female 1 Act Drama 12th June
The Bench Script Full Length Play Comedy 11th June
All Mod Cons Script Full Length Play Dark Comedy 11th June
White Pearl Script Full Length Play  11th June
The Amber Trap Script Full Length Play Drama 11th June
Hoard Script Full Length Play  11th June
Cacophony Script Full Length Play Drama 10 11th June
Constellations Script Full Length Play Drama 11th June
All The Fine Boys Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 7th June
26 Pebbles Script Full Length Play Drama 7th June
Amy and the Orphans Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 7th June
My Left Nut Script Full Length Play Monologue 6th June
The Worst Witch Script Full Length Play Play With Music 10 6th June
In Our Veins Script Full Length Play Drama 6th June
Killymuck Script Full Length Play Dark Comedy Monologue 6th June
My Big Gay Italian Midlife Crisis Script Full Length Play Comedy 6th June
My Big Gay Italian Funeral Script Full Length Play Comedy 6th June
Ravenscroft Script Full Length Play Mystery 4th June
Peter and Alice Script Full Length Play Drama 2nd June
Sarah-Jane Script Mixed 1 Act Drama 23rd May
The Dentist's Bill Script Mixed 1 Act Drama 23rd May
Freak Script Full Length Play Dark Dramatic Comedy 16th May
Ghosts in the Machine Script Mixed 1 Act Comedy Drama 14th May
Swagger Script Mixed 1 Act  14th May
As She Likes It Script Full Length Play Comedy Drama 14th May
Writers' Runaround Script Full Length Play Comedy/Farce 14th May
Aubrey Script Full Length Play Drama 14th May
Until He wasn't Script Full Length Play Drama 14th May
Ghost's In The Machine Script Full Length Play Comedy/Drama 14th May
World of Wonder Libretto Musical Pantomine or Score  14th May
Look Me In The Eye Script Mixed 1 Act Drama 13th May
Hang Script Full Length Play  7th May
Murder On The Menu Script Full Length Play Comedy 2nd May
Mockingbird Script Full Length Play Drama 1st May