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the entertainer Score Musical Pantomine or Score  5th March
the elepant man Score Musical Pantomine or Score  5th March
the elephant man Score Musical Pantomine or Score  5th March
The Small Hours Script Full Length Play Drama all female or male 4th March
Flights Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 4th March
Contemporary Scottish Plays Volume Full Length Play Scottish Drama 2nd March
Lifeboat Script Full Length Play Drama Adventure 17th February
Cries in the Night Script Full Length Play Drama 11th February
The Girl Who Swolled a Cactus Script Full Length Play Comedy youth 11th February
The Night Witches Script Full Length Play Drama 11 11th February
Gretel! The Musical Libretto Musical Pantomine or Score Dramatic Comedy 11th February
Mad Sisters Script Full Length Play Comedy 9th February
Family Album Score Musical Pantomine or Score  9th February
Warheads Script Full Length Play Drama 28th January
Alone, Together Volume Full Length Play Comedy Drama 28th January
Noises Off Script Full Length Play Farce 25th January
All Sports network - Quaritine Crisis Edition Script Mixed 1 Act Dramatic Comedy 21st January
Lifeboat Script Full Length Play Drama 20th January
The End of the Picnic Script Mixed 1 Act  18th January
Cinderella - A Girl of Today ( 2021) Manuscript Musical Pantomine or Score Traditional Fairytale 18th January
3 Women Script Full Length Play Comedy 12th January
Treasure Island Script Full Length Play Comedy 8th December
The Comeback Script Full Length Play Comedy 8th December