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Spider's Web Script Full Length Play  5th December
Little Miss Burden Script Full Length Play Drama 3rd December
Alarms and Excursions Volume Full Length Play Drama 2nd December
The Neverending Story Script Full Length Play Fantasy Drama 2nd December
Lovely Lovely Sometimes Ugly Volume Full Length Play Drama 28th November
Splinter Script Full Length Play Thriller 28th November
Enough Script Full Length Play Drama 28th November
Citysong and Other Plays Volume Full Length Play Drama 28th November
How Love Is Spelt Script Full Length Play Dramtic Comedy 28th November
Anna Script Full Length Play Drama 28th November
For All I Care Script Full Length Play Drama 28th November
Daughterhood Script Full Length Play  28th November
Rust Script Full Length Play Drama 28th November
Lose Yourself Script Full Length Play Drama 28th November
The Changing Room Script Full Length Play Drama 28th November
Wolfie Script Full Length Play Drama 28th November
David Williamson Collected Plays Volume V Volume Full Length Play Collection 27th November
Control Script Full Length Play Drama 27th November
Normal Script Full Length Play Dectective Drama 10 27th November
Stepsisters Score Musical Pantomine or Score Fairytale 27th November
Cinderella's Glass Slipper Manuscript Musical Pantomine or Score Fairytale 27th November
Nice Girl Script Female 1 Act Drama 11 22nd November
Shook Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 21st November
The Arrival Script Full Length Play Drama 21st November
The Jungle Book ( Jessica Swale Stage Version) Libretto Full Length Play Classic 21st November
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein ( stage Version) Script Full Length Play Classic 21st November
Spiderfly Script Full Length Play Drama 21st November
Unknown Rivers Script Full Length Play Drama 21st November
Poisoned Polluted Script Full Length Play Drama 21st November
Germ Free Adolescent Script Full Length Play Drama 21st November
Real Women Have Curves Script Full Length Play Comedy 19th November
The Beverly Hillbillies, The musical Libretto Musical Pantomine or Score Musical Comedy 19th November
The Weir Script Full Length Play  13th November
Enchanted April Script Full Length Play  13th November
The House of Bernarda Alba Script Full Length Play Drama Classic 7th November
The Guardsman (Monte) Script Full Length Play Comedy 1st November
Scary Bikers Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 1st November
Playing By Ear reflections on Sound and Music Technical Full Length Play  1st November
Tip of the Tongue reflections on language and Meaning Technical Technical Book  1st November
No Strings Attached Libretto Musical Pantomine or Score Fairytale 29th October
T/V Thriller Script Female 1 Act Burlesque Comedy 25th October
All I Really Need To Know I Learned by Being In A Bad Murder Mystery Script Mixed 1 Act Farce 25th October
Punch & Judy - The Real Story Script Full Length Play Dark Comedy 24th October
Murder on The Nile Script Full Length Play Murder Mystery 23rd October
The Beacon Script Full Length Play Drama 22nd October
Two Ladies Script Full Length Play Drama 22nd October
The Red Shoes ( stage Version ) Script Full Length Play Fairytale 22nd October
Fibres Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 22nd October
The House They Grew Up In Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 22nd October
An Angel Calls Script Mixed 1 Act Comedy 21st October
A Respectable Wedding Volume Mixed 1 Act Drama 17th October
Brecht Collected Plays 1 Volume Full Length Play Drama 17th October
Little Red and the Riding Hoods Script Mixed 1 Act Fairytale 15th October
The Wasp's Nest Manuscript Mixed 1 Act Murder Mystery 11th October
Yellow Iris Manuscript Mixed 1 Act Murder Mystery 11th October
Personal Call Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act Murder Mystery 11th October
Butter in a Lodly Dish Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act Murder Mystery 11th October
A Poriot Double Bill Volume Full Length Play  11th October
Rule of Thumb Volume Full Length Play Murder Mystery 11th October
Murder in the Studio Volume Full Length Play Murder Mystery 11th October
Jekyl & Hyde Script Full Length Play Drama 11th October
Start Swimming Script Mixed 1 Act Drama 10th October
RED Script Full Length Play Drama 10th October
The Glove Thief Script Full Length Play Historical Drama 14 10th October
The Light Burns Blue Script Full Length Play Historical Drama 10th October
Second Person Narative Script Full Length Play Drama 10th October
This Changes Everything Script Full Length Play Drama 20 10th October
Emilia Script Full Length Play Historical Drama 13 10th October
Any Body For Tea? Script Mixed 1 Act Comedy 8th October
Five Mile Lake Script Full Length Play Drama 8th October
End of the Rainbow Script Full Length Play Play With Music 8th October
Tuckered Script Mixed 1 Act Fairytale 7th October
Caught in the Web Script Full Length Play Drama 7th October
The Secret Garden Script Full Length Play Classic Childrens Tale 7th October
The Secret Garden Script Full Length Play Children Classic tale 7th October
101 More Drama Games for Children Technical Technical Book  7th October
175 Theatre games Technical Technical Book textbook 7th October
The Butterfly Lion Script Full Length Play Drama 3rd October
Dexter and Winter's Detective Agency Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 27th September
How To Be A Kid Script Full Length Play  27th September
The Secret River Script Full Length Play  15 27th September
Alys, Always Script Full Length Play Psychological Thriller 27th September
Baby Dolls Part of Volume Female 1 Act Comedy 25th September
The Village Church Volume Mixed 1 Act  25th September
The James Plays Volume Full Length Play Drama 25th September
James 1 : The Key Will Keep The Lock Part of Volume Full Length Play Drama 25th September
James 11: Day of Innocents Part of Volume Full Length Play Drama 10 25th September
James 111: The True Mirror Part of Volume Full Length Play Drama 25th September
The White Bike Part of Volume Full Length Play Drama 25th September
New Labour Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 25th September
Whisky Galore Script Full Length Play Comedy 25th September
Caution: Wet Floor Script Full Length Play Comedy 24th September
Jenny, the Mail Order Bride Libretto Musical Pantomine or Score Musical Melodrama 24th September
Oregon Country Libretto Musical Pantomine or Score Musical Melodrama 24th September
There Goes the Old Ball Game Libretto Musical Pantomine or Score Musical Melodrama 24th September
Adrift in New York Libretto Musical Pantomine or Score Musical Melodrama 24th September
East Lynne Libretto Musical Pantomine or Score Musical Melodrama 10 24th September
A Christmas Carol Script Full Length Play  18th September
The Alternative Script Full Length Play Drama 18th September
Twinderella The Musical Libretto Mixed 1 Act Musical 12 10 17th September
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