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Foolish Fishgirls and the Pearl Script Full Length Play comedy 12th September
Six Rounds OF Vengeance Script Full Length Play Dark Comedy 12th September
Smart People Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 12th September
Going To A Place Where You Already Are Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 12th September
Three Sisters Script Full Length Play Drama 12th September
A Good Old Fashioned Redneck Country Wedding Script Full Length Play Comedy 12th September
Skeleton Crew Script Full Length Play drama 12th September
The Healing Score Full Length Play Drama 12th September
Almost, Maine Script Full Length Play  9th September
Her Naked Skin Script Full Length Play Drama 15 10 4th September
Daze of Olde Script Mixed 1 Act comedy 3rd September
Murder Actually Script Mixed 1 Act drama 10 3rd September
Haphazardly Ever After Script Mixed 1 Act comedy 3rd September
Whitewash Script Mixed 1 Act drama 3rd September
Peter Pan Script Full Length Play  3rd September
Ugly Lies The Bone Script Full Length Play drama 29th August
A Permanent Image Script Full Length Play Dramatic comedy 29th August
Iowa Libretto Full Length Play  Musical / dark comedy 29th August
Parents' Evening Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 29th August
In A Word Script Full Length Play drama 29th August
Welcome Home, Jenny Sutter Script Full Length Play drama 29th August
The Island of Dr. Libris Script Full Length Play Comedy 28th August
Lasso Of Truth Script Full Length Play Comedy / Drama 28th August
Molly's Hammer Script Full Length Play Drama 28th August
Little Red Riding Hood : Grandmother's Tale Script Full Length Play comedy / drama 28th August
Stepsisters Libretto Full Length Play MUSICAL comedy / stire 28th August
Macabre: Tales From Edgar Allan Poe Script Full Length Play comedy /drama 28th August
US A Teen History Libretto Full Length Play Musical /comedy /drama /satir 28th August
Father Comes Home From The Wars(Parts1,2 and 3) Script Full Length Play Docudrama 28th August
The May Queen Script Full Length Play comedy 20th August
Pinkerton Script Full Length Play comedy 20th August
Yoo-Hoo and Hank Williams Script Full Length Play drama 20th August
I Love To Eat ( a love story with food ) Script Full Length Play comedy / drama 20th August
Twinderella Script Mixed 1 Act comedy 12 10 19th August
One Day When We Were Young Script Full Length Play drama 19th August
If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet Script Full Length Play drama 19th August
The Same Deep Water As Me Script Full Length Play drama 19th August
Starlings Script Full Length Play drama 19th August
Electra Script Full Length Play drama 19th August
Incognito Script Full Length Play drama 19th August
AmeriAmerican Association of Community Theatre AACT NewPlayFest Winning Plays: Volume 2 Volume Full Length Play collection 19th August
Mikey And Addie Volume Mixed 1 Act  13th August
Winnie The Pooh Script Full Length Play Comedy 13th August
A Girl In A Car With A Man Script Full Length Play Drama 13th August
Kappa Volume Male 1 Act  13th August
Pondlife Volume Male 1 Act  13th August
Tinned Goods Script Full Length Play drama 13th August
Half of Me Script Full Length Play drama 13th August
Off Road Script Mixed 1 Act comedy / drama 12th August
Hamlet and Zombies Script Mixed 1 Act comedy 12th August
Revival Script Full Length Play Thriller Suspence 12th August
Twist Script Full Length Play Comedy thriller 12th August
The House Script Full Length Play comedy 12th August
Treehouse Script Full Length Play comedy drama 12th August
Yasmina's Necklace Script Full Length Play comedy drama 12th August
Mynx and Savage Script Full Length Play comedy drama 12th August
American Association of Community Theatre AACT NewPlayFest Winning plays: vol 3 Volume Full Length Play collection 12th August
Tinker to Evers to Chance Script Full Length Play comedy / drama 12th August
Digging Up Dessa Script Full Length Play comedy / drama 8th August
Machinal Script Full Length Play Drama 30th July
Machinal Script Full Length Play  14 10 30th July
Future Thinking Script Full Length Play Comedy 30th July
46 Beacon Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 30th July
Future Here Script Mixed 1 Act Drama 27th July
The Royal Society of Antarctica Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 27th July
University: A New Generation Script Full Length Play Comedy 10 27th July
Tinker Bell Script Full Length Play Comedy 27th July
A Brief History of Women Script Full Length Play Comedy 27th July
Alan Ayckbourn: Plays 6 Volume Full Length Play Comedy 27th July
Consuming Passions Script Full Length Play Triller 27th July
Better Off Dead Script Full Length Play Comedy 27th July
No Knowing Script Full Length Play Comedy 27th July
How To Be Brave Script Full Length Play Monologue 27th July
Spliced Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 26th July
Pirates Script Mixed 1 Act Comedy 25th July
A Long Trip Script Mixed 1 Act Drama 25th July
Bobby and Amy Script Full Length Play  25th July
How Not To Drown Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 24th July
How-To-Be-Brave Script Full Length Play  24th July
Fabric Script Full Length Play Drama Monologue 23rd July
The Layover Script Full Length Play Drama 23rd July
My Husbands Nuts Script Full Length Play Comedy 17th July
Dear Lupin Script Full Length Play Drama 12th July
Second Skin Script Female 1 Act Drama 11th July
The Boy Who Cried Werewolf Script Mixed 1 Act comedy 11th July
Door To Door Script Mixed 1 Act comedy / drama 11th July
Dear Chuck Script Mixed 1 Act drama 11th July
The Complete History of Theatre (abridged) Script Mixed 1 Act Comedy /Farce 11th July
Some Explicit Polaroids Script Full Length Play Dark Comedy 11th July
Wicked is as Wicked Does Script Full Length Play Comedy 12 11th July
Death of a Hot Sauce Salesman Script Full Length Play Murder/Mystery 11th July
Ever In The Glades Script Full Length Play Comedy Drama 11th July
The Gulf Part of Volume Female 1 Act Drama 10th July
Clean Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act Drama 10th July
Stuck Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act Drama 10th July
murder in the air Script Full Length Play dinner theatre 25th June
Lux in Tenebris Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act  16 20th June
Dancing Gold Script Full Length Play Drama 20th June
And Then There Were None Script Full Length Play Murder Mystery 18th June
And Then There Were None Script Full Length Play Murder Mystery 18th June
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