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The Girl On The Train Script Full Length Play Mystery/Thriller 31st March
PUFFS (one Act For Young Wizards) Script Full Length Play Comedy 16th March
Harlesden High Street Script Full Length Play Drama 16th March
The Fulstow Boys Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 10 12th March
The House Script Full Length Play Comedy 12th March
The Revival Script Full Length Play Thriller Suspense 12th March
Collapse Script Full Length Play Romantic Comedy 12th March
Thomas and The Library Lady Script Full Length Play Drama 12th March
The Importance of Being Earnest Script Full Length Play Comedy 12th March
Flights & Sink Part of Volume Full Length Play Drama 9th March
Dizziness & Loss of Breath Part of Volume Female 1 Act Dramatic Comedy 8th March
When It Happens It Will Happen Quietly Part of Volume Female 1 Act  8th March
Foolish Heart Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act Mystery Thriller 8th March
Hysterical Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act Comedy 8th March
Snuff Film Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act Dramatic Comedy 8th March
(Stereo) Headphones Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act Dramatic Comedy 8th March
Sucker Punch Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act Dramatic Comedy 8th March
Kiss &Tell Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act Dramatic Comedy 8th March
(Every Little Thing) Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act Dramatic Comedy 8th March
Stop Motion Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act Dramatic Comedy 8th March
Medusa Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act Dramatic Comedy 8th March
Lucky Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act Fantasy  8th March
Bedtime Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act Mystery Thriller 8th March
A Lovely Violent Ghost Haiku Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act Mystery Thriller 8th March
Large Animal Games Script Full Length Play Comedy 8th March
Swallow Part of Volume Male 1 Act Dramatic Comedy 8th March
Silver Lining Script Full Length Play  24th February
Better Off Dead Script Full Length Play Comedy 21st February
The Unexpected Guest Script Full Length Play  20th February
Death By Chocolate Script Full Length Play Farcr Mystery/Thriller 20th February
Mirror, Mirror Script Full Length Play Dark Comedy 20th February
When They Go Low Script Full Length Play Drama 20th February
Home, I'm Darling Script Full Length Play Dark Comedy 19th February
A Breakfast of Eels Script Full Length Play Drama 18th February
The Yellow Wave Script Full Length Play Drama 18th February
Asking For It Script Full Length Play Drama 17th February
Robin Hood Script Full Length Play Play With Music 14th February
Captain Corelli's Mandolin Script Full Length Play Drama 13th February
Proof Script Full Length Play Drama 12th February
The Hollow Script Full Length Play Mystery Thriller 12th February
Zero Tolerance Script Mixed 1 Act  11th February
Native Gardens Script Full Length Play Comedy 4th February
Mary Jane Script Full Length Play Drama 4th February
Ken Ludwig's The God's of Comedy Script Full Length Play Comedy 4th February
Time and Tide Script Full Length Play Drama 3rd February
Shafted Script Full Length Play Drama 3rd February
Love From A Stranger Script Full Length Play Thriller 3rd February
Uncle Vanya Script Full Length Play Drama 31st January
Faustus: That Damned Woman Script Full Length Play Drama 31st January
The Last Noel Script Full Length Play  31st January
Golly Gee Whiz! Libretto Musical Pantomine or Score Musical 30th January
Ladies in Retirement Script Full Length Play Thriller 27th January
Murder on the 518 Script Full Length Play Murder Mystery 27th January
How To Host a Murder Mystery Dinner Party ( in Fifteen simple Steps) Script Full Length Play Murder Mystery 27th January
Real Pirates Don't Wear Tiaras Script Full Length Play Fairytale 27th January
The Rainbow Fish Musical ( large Cast ) Libretto Musical Pantomine or Score Fairytale 27th January
The Rainbow Fish Musical ( Small Cast ) Libretto Musical Pantomine or Score Fairytale 27th January
The Welkin Script Full Length Play Drama 26th January
Ali and Dahlia Script Full Length Play Drama 22nd January
'Allo 'Allo Script Full Length Play Comedy TV Show 21st January
My Boy Jack Script Full Length Play Drama 15th January
The Watsons Script Full Length Play Drama 13th January
Pinocchio Script Full Length Play  11th January
Spotlight Script Mixed 1 Act Comedy 9th January