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Red Ellen Script Full Length Play Biographical Caroline Bird23rd February
Lorenzo Script Full Length Play Aging Ben Targt22nd February
The Picture of Dorian Gray Script Full Length Play Classic Drama Kip Williams22nd February
The House of Ife Script Full Length Play Drama Beru Tessema22nd February
Jab Script Full Length Play Lockdown Comedy James McDermott16th February
The Winter's Tale, Arden Shakespeare Script Full Length Play Shakespeare William Shakespeare16th February
All The Little Lights Script Full Length Play Teen Drama Jane Upton8th February
Cathy Script Full Length Play  Ali Taylor8th February
Boy Parts Script Full Length Play Psychological Thriller Gillian Greer1st February
It's a Wonderful ife Script Full Length Play Christmas Mary Elliott Nelson1st February
The Shakespeare Conspiracy Script Full Length Play Comedy Andrew Shepherd31st January
The Approach Script Full Length Play Drama Mark O'Rowe28th January
A Ring of Magic Libretto Musical Rock Musical Eric Charteris27th January
A Ring of Magic - Piano/Conductor Score Score Musical Rock Musical Eric Charteris27th January
A Ring of Magic - Orchestral and Vocal Score Set Score Musical Rock Musical Eric Charteris27th January
Rainbow Fish (Large Cast) E-Script Mixed 1 Act Children's Theatre Austin Zumbro20 20 24th January
The Ever After E-Script Mixed 1 Act Children's Theatre Nathan Hartswick 24th January
The Epic Quest of Damsels in Distress E-Script Mixed 1 Act Children's Theatre Kenneth Wasemann10 24th January
Twice Upon a Time E-Script Mixed 1 Act Children's Theatre Tracy Wells24th January
Thirty-Three Little Pigs E-Script Mixed 1 Act Children's Theatre Brian D. Taylor24th January
Game of Myths E-Script Mixed 1 Act Children's Theatre Jennifer Simmons 24th January
Rainbow Fish (Small Cast) E-Script Male 1 Act Children's Theatre Austin Zumbro24th January
The Suspicions of Mr Whicher Script Full Length Play Mystery Adapted by Alexandra Wood19th January
Witch Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy Jen Silverman17th January
The Miss Firecracker Contest Script Full Length Play Comedy Beth Henley15th January
Hardcase Hotel 2 E-Script Full Length Play New Zealand Comedy Devon Williamson11th January
The Wizard of Oz and Toto, Too! E-Script Mixed 1 Act Children's Theatre April Clark8th January
The World According to Dinosaurs Script Mixed 1 Act Political Belle Hansen and Amelia Newman15th December
Summer of Harold Volume Mixed 1 Act Short Plays Hilary Bell15th December
My Sister Jill Script Full Length Play Drama Patricia Cornelius15th December
Rosieville Script Full Length Play Comic Drama Mary Rachel Brown15th December
A Ghost in My Suitcase Script Male 1 Act Children's Theatre Vanessa Bates15th December
Cactus Script Full Length Play Teen Drama Madelaine Nunn15th December
Boys Will Be Boys Script Full Length Play Comedy Melissa Bubnic15th December
The Harp in the South Trilogy: The Play Script Full Length Play Drama Kate Mulvany and Ruth Park30 26 15th December
Falling Petals Script Full Length Play  Ben Ellis15th December
Intersection: Undercurrent Volume Technical Book Short Plays ATYP (ed)15th December
Nell Gywnn, Original Music Composition Score Musical Original Music Syd Mannion15th December
Helen Script Full Length Play Drama Maureen Lennon14th December
Euphoria Script Full Length Play Political Emily Steel14th December
You Can't Tell Anyone Script Full Length Play Teen Drama Joanna Richards14th December
Acceptance Script Full Length Play Drama Amy Ng14th December