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Freak Script Full Length Play Dark Dramatic Comedy 16th May
Ghosts in the Machine Script Mixed 1 Act Comedy Drama 14th May
Swagger Script Mixed 1 Act  14th May
As She Likes It Script Full Length Play Comedy Drama 14th May
Writers' Runaround Script Full Length Play Comedy/Farce 14th May
Aubrey Script Full Length Play Drama 14th May
Until He wasn't Script Full Length Play Drama 14th May
Ghost's In The Machine Script Full Length Play Comedy/Drama 14th May
World of Wonder Libretto Musical Pantomine or Score  14th May
Look Me In The Eye Script Mixed 1 Act Drama 13th May
Hang Script Full Length Play  7th May
Murder On The Menu Script Full Length Play Comedy 2nd May
Mockingbird Script Full Length Play Drama 1st May
Totally Red CD/DVD CD or DVD  17th April
Totally Red the musical Score Musical Pantomine or Score Fairytale 17th April
Love is A Blue Tick Hound Volume Full Length Play  10th April
The God's Honest An Evening of Lies Volume Full Length Play  9th April
Wodehouse Four Plays Part of Volume Full Length Play  3rd April
Farcicals Volume Full Length Play Farces 3rd April
Ali & Dahlia Script Full Length Play  3rd April
Luckham : Plays Volume Full Length Play Drama 25th March
The Cripple of Inishmann Script Full Length Play Drama 18th March
Murder ON The Nile Script Full Length Play Mystery 15th March
Murder ON The Nile Script Full Length Play Mystery 15th March
Very Still & Hard To See Part of Volume Mixed 1 Act  13th March
Very Still & Hard To See (A Short Play Cycle) Part of Volume Full Length Play  13th March
Waiting For God Script Full Length Play TV Comedy 8th March
Jessica Swale's Blue Stockings Technical Technical Book Study Guide Blue Stockings 8th March
Good Morning Bill Part of Volume Full Length Play Comedy 6th March
The Bald Soprano and The Lesson Script Full Length Play  6th March
She Kills Monsters Script Full Length Play Dramatic Comedy 4th March
That's All Script Female 1 Act Drama 27th February
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) (Revised) Script Full Length Play Farce Comedy 25th February